Gardenia Bonsai Tree

How To Care For A Gardenia Bonsai Tree

It is no wonder why so many people love the gardenia bonsai tree. They have a beautiful appearance as well as fragrant flowers; it makes a wonderful lively display that is bound to lighten up any room or space that it’s decorating. All bonsai species need extra care and attention, and the gardenia bonsai is no exception. So here are a few ‘must do’s in order to keep this beautiful plant at its best all year round

Lighting and Temperature

It can be placed directly in the sunlight, but not for an extensive amount of time a day; for example couple of hours in the morning should be more then enough for it or if kept indoors a sunny window will do the trick.

Because it loves the sun it also loves the water, one needs to check it daily for watering but at the same time do not flood the roots, just enough to have the soil moist.

Soil Feeding

A couple times a year, usually spring and fall, the soil needs replenishing in order for your gardenia bonsai to receive the required minerals and food supply. However, take great care not to use fertilizers that facilitate excessive growth — remember you have a bonsai (miniature of the real size plant) and you want to keep it that way.

Pruning and Sculpting

Pruning the gardenia bonsai is done after the flowers bloom. Don’t be shy when pruning — you are the one who will be shaping the gardenia bonsai so let the creativity flow! Look through Google’s cache of bonsai images for inspiration.


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3 Responses to “Gardenia Bonsai Tree”

  1. Judy Says:

    Please help! My gardenia bonsai has spider mites and the bark looks like it is coated with cotton. How can I rid my tree of these pests? They are sucking the life out of my plant.
    thank you.

  2. Jan Egan Says:

    I have a gardenia bonsai. It was received as a gift from ProFlowers. It has not bloomed. Received it two months ago. It is getting taller and wider and has the start of blooms, but none yet. I water it so that it is just….moist. The leaves are turning yellow in various areas and fall off. What’s the deal? Your help would be appreciated.

  3. celeste scozz Says:

    My gardenia bonsai blooms are lasting only a day and the leaves are turning dark and dropping.

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