Azalea Bonsai

How To Care For A Bonsai Azalea Tree

Azalea bonsai (or rhododendron) is the most common form of bonsai known. There are many species of the azalea bonsai, the two most of common of which are the satkuzi azalea and the kurume azalea. Follow these care tips to so that your Azalea bonsai will stay in good health.


Do not place the azalea bonsai in direct sunlight as this will affect the color and kill the flowers, instead keep the plant in the shade, especially during the summer.


This bonsai usually needs rainwater for optimal growth. However, if this is not possible for long periods of time, one can add a tablespoon of white vinegar to a gallon of water and just once a month use that mixture for watering.

Soil Feeding

When spring arrives, you should treat the soil every two weeks until the bonsai blooms. You should never feed this bonsai when blooming. Be patient and wait until the flowering has ended, then only feed the bonsai once a month. You must not use rapid growth fertilizers.

Pruning and Sculpting

When it comes the time to prune your azalea bonzai, this should be done just after flowering. Do not leave any dead flower around it. Clip the branches according to your imagination when you prune the bonsai.

Pest Control

When applying any kind of pest control, avoid spraying the flowers as this will kill the plant. Only spray around the root level of the soil.

There is a great deal of effort and attention required for the care of any bonsai but the rewards are well worth the time invested as the plant becomes your own creation, in the end, under your careful shaping and nurturing. Keep in mind that it’s important you understand and care for your bonsai’s needs on a daily basis. A bonsai is something you can have and grow with for a lifetime, and then pass your knowledge down to the next generation of family – along with your plants.


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  1. Donette Hicks Says:

    My son sent me a Azalea Bonsai, do I keep this in the house or does it need planting outside…I have no idea what to do with this plant.

    Thank You for any information you can provide.

  2. victor Says:

    Don’t know what to do with my azalea satzuki:its leaves lost a shiny appearance and then started getting brown spots and finally falling down.
    It’s not on the open sun and climat is very warm, it stands on a patio, I water it every day with not softened water that actually very Ca+ rich.
    What could I do for my plant to survive?

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